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At Leleka UK we strive to bring you artfully curated collections of original products.
Browse our collections for unique gifts for yourself or loved ones while continue to add new artisanal products to our store:
  • Reflection by 2.26: Silver and mirror jewellery collection created by master jeweller Ricky Semerciyan. 
  • Home Accessories by Ceramics & more: Handmade ceramics and home textiles, to enliven any home.
  • Hope Keys by The Hopes: Bras jewellery collection of world keys, with beautiful multilingual messages etched on. They make great gifts.
  • Handwoven and upcycled bags by Chapputz: Inspired by the design and methods of Anatolian nomads, each Chapputz bag is unique, upcycled and handwoven on traditional looms.